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On the edge of the Portland Peninsula is an escape route out of the city: the Casco Bay Lines ferry terminal. Better than driving to any destination, a 20 minute smooth ride across the glorious Casco Bay on a ferry boat to Peaks Island will give you that deep breath of fresh air when you need a break from the sweet hustle of city life. Peaks Island is the most easily accessible island from Portland with frequent ferry rides and the ability for vehicle transportation across.

One of the best commutes a person could have, but when you do it everyday for months on end, a resident is found more often involved in socializing or reading a good book rather than soaking in the scenic view of the city, and the island. Like anything you have to do every day, only a few revel in the beauty of the motion. Like the sunrise and sunset, fog horns and the ringing of buoys become background noise.

The first boat either to or from the island on a Sunday is one of the best commuting times, there is barely anyone on board and the pristine serenity of the ocean can engulf the morning ride. Also, when I worked third shift while living on the island I often was the only person on the last boat in the winter, a good time to get to know the crew that work the ferry boat, but also, one of the best ferry rides, a sense of importance is imbued.


The population on Peaks Island expands from about 850 year round residents to around 2000+ for the summer months.  Since the island  is about 4 miles around, seeing someone a few times a day is very common, especially during the summer months. However, in the winter, when the sun sets around 5pm, this island gets to be very quiet, but it is easy to find a niche of people if desired, being a hermit can be just as easy. The island offers many community activities throughout the year that cater to a mix of interests.

A major attraction is the back shore. It offers a free viewing of the Atlantic Ocean, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A person really feels the exposure to the elements when standing on the rocky shore while the waves crash against the island, leaving a residual feeling that if it could the hungry ocean would take a huge bite out of the island.

The essence of Peaks Island is the view of the city, its small community, and the lure of the Atlantic Ocean’s vastness.

Peaks Island has all the basic key resources needed to sustain residential life, but also has a few special qualities that make it a unique place to stay or visit. The island has a variety of things a person can do to make their visit a memorable one.  I hope that this blog will help  any person looking to visit  Peaks Island find their own little piece of the island that they can put into their trouser pocket, purse, or little heart, to take home with them.

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4 thoughts on “Getting To Peaks Island

  1. About how many boats would you say come and go each day. Also do the ferries carry cars or just people?

  2. ‘a break from the sweet hustle of city life…’ so much yes! As a non-islander, the trip to Peak’s has yet to lose its hypnotic, weightless motion awe as I make the trip across the bay. So contagious is the peace of the island that even in stepping on a busy ferry, I feel calmed, quieted, the island reaching me before I reach it. I can imagine how beautiful it must be, in those tourist free winter months, and I can appreciate the instinct to hermit!

    1. I completely agree. When I lived on the peninsula, I would feel the calm as I separated from the city to visit the island.

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