Learn About Culture Through Tea-Dobra Tea

For those who are a tea drinker and love to experience new adventure and learn about different cultures, Dobra is a great cafe to go to in Old Port. It is a little local tea shop on Exchange Street that gives you a relaxing Bohemian vibe once you walk in.

Dobra lights incense that makes the environment calm while instrumental music is being played which goes perfectly well with its overall theme.

It is a seat yourself place; once you have chosen a spot the employee will provide you with a menu which looks like a big Harry Potter book along with a unique designed bell.



My favorite tea at Dobra is called Lychee Cha. It is from Guandong, located in China.

All tea from Dobra were grown on organic farms. The tea leaves are imported to America where Dobra uses camellia sinensis which helps produce the tea flavoring like black, green, or white tea, and other flavors. This is how the process of making tea works. They lay the camellia sinensis under the desired tea leaves, for example black tea leaves. They let the black tea seep under the sun for awhile. Then after if they want to add fruits, flowers, or spice flavoring they  put the scent into an essence and spray it onto the tea leave for a kick of flavor. This is called aromatized.

The Lychee Cha is under the category of black tea. Which is more on the bitter and bold side. Black teas has more caffeine than other types of tea. It gives a pinch of intensity to your tongue. Along with the richness of the black tea, it has an aroma of the sweet smell of lychee. Lychee is a type of fruit that is sweet and juicy. It has a unique taste between a pear and a grape.

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If you like fruit flavors and black tea than this tea would be great to try out. Once you have decided what tea you would like from the “Harry Potter” menu, then it is time to ring the bell they offer in the beginning to order.

Dobra is a great place to relax and socialize with friends or solo.

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4 thoughts on “Learn About Culture Through Tea-Dobra Tea

  1. I definitely want to go to Dobra now to try their tea but at the least just to ring the bell! I love fun spaces like this that defy the ordinary in fun ways like this.

  2. I really love to drink tea and didn’t know about this place so this makes me want to go! It looks super cute and cozy inside as well as has great pottery for you to use.

  3. I love dobra tea. I am a fan, because of the science behind the tea brewing. I had my art displayed there a few years ago, great owners who support local artists. However, with all the knowledge the employees have to know about the teas and brewing, I believe they need to be earning higher wages.

  4. While usually I prefer coffee, you have me sold on exploring the world of tea through Dobra. Okay, maybe I just want to hold their amazingly creative menu and ring the (brilliant) bell! What a beautiful way to share/showcase the art behind the beverage!Atmosphere is everything for me, and Dobra has been quickly moved up the list of cafes to experience, thank you!

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