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The first restaurant that I am talking about is the Five Fifty-Five. They are fine dining restaurant located on 555 Congress st Portland Me. They have a full bar that is Open everyday at 4:30pm to close, and for dinner service it starts at 5:00 pm and goes to close as well. It’s high class white table clothes and I would suggest wearing nice clothes. They do serve wine so bring your ID.  They also serve brunch but that’s only on Sunday mornings from 9:30am to 2:00pm. They’ve received 5 recognition’s, Open table winner of 2014, Certificate of excellence from tripadvisor, Wine spectator 2016 award of excellence, and they were also in Food & Wine magazine.

If you decide to go here you can expect to spend $31-$60 depending on how many people you bring. A lot of the reviews online are all talking about how juicy the steak was. It’s a 3 day marinated hanger steak served with truffle fries and Parmesan aioli. Also another one of the big ones as I was doing my research was a Truffle Lobster “mac & cheese” This is a butter poached Maine lobster served with artisanal cheese blend, with white truffle oil and black truffles.

During my research I kept hearing that this is one of their best dishes and that it was a must try. Five Fifty Five has waiters and it is a dressy environment with a low noise level and is not a good place for kids due to the kinds of food that they serve. And if you’re thinking about bringing a teenager jut remember there is no WIFI. For some of their best desserts there are Spice carrot cake, cream cheese, with a cinnamon glaze, with raisins, walnuts, served with a maple parsnip ice cream. Also another good dessert would have to be the Confection Plate it’s a dulce de leche and coconut cookies with sea salted caramel, and house made chocolate truffles. But for starters you may want to consider the house salad, fishbowl farms mixed greens, with an apple cider vinaigrette, and Vermont creamery goat cheese. Also the Maine yellowtail crudo, avocado puree, green coriander seeds, with pickled fresno chili, and cilantro. If I was to recommend anything I would recommend the Confection Plate it’s sweet and rich in every bite it’s perfect. The plating is amazing and smelled delicious.

Five Fifty Five also offers the option for private dining where you can buy a set number of seats or the entire restaurant. You can buy it out for a number of reasons like business meetings, presentations, rehearsal dinners, weddings, cocktail receptions, wine tastings and really anything you can think of. The private dining room is a room all to itself in the restaurant and it’s meant for a more intimate up scale event and that room is on of there newest rooms, it was built in 2013. They also give you the option to purchase a semi private dining experience which is similar to the private one the difference is how many people it can accommodate. This choice can accommodate up to 18 people. Or you could go big and do a complete buy out and purchase the entire first floor which can accommodate 55 guests and I bet that the price tag on that function is gonna be in the thousands.

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4 thoughts on “Five-Fifty Five Review

  1. Keegan, as much as I have always wanted to try the Five Fifty Five, you made me want to try it even more just by mentioning truffle fries, which I had no idea they served. Now all thats left to do is wait for a special occasion so I can make a trip.

  2. Three days of marinating steak sounds juicy. I don’t even eat meat, but goodness, I would probably spread the word to someone who does.

  3. I appreciate your review! I had no idea you can rent out sections or the entirety of their dining room. Very intriguing idea to consider if looking for something nicer to celebrate that will still accommodate more people. Thank you!

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