“The Vacationland State”

Here is a fun fact!

Maine is recognized as “The Vacationland State” with the most coastal light houses in the United States. The lighthouses have been assembled to aid mariners to navigate the treacherous waters and coastline, ledges and islands in the 1790’s. There were more than 70 lighthouses that protected Maine’s seacoast. Now, Maine has only 65 lighthouses that still stand today.

Did you know that Maine had a Maine Lighthouse Day?

The event is sponsored by the States Coast Guard, the Maine Office of Tourism, and the American Lighthouse Foundation, which allows you to vision the eras old tradition of protecting our shores and boats. The foundation formed an alliance to designed a celebration of Maine’s maritime heritage and rich history of its lighthouses and light keepers.

This year, Maine’s 8th Annual Open Lighthouse Day is Saturday, September 10, 2016 with lighthouses open for free tours, which will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and remember it’s for FREE.


In addition, The Maine Lighthouse Museum holds the largest collection of Fresnel lenses on display in the nation, this is located in Rockland, Maine.

My Top 3 Historical Lighthouses in The Greater Portland, Maine Area!

It’s a breeze—

Portland Head Lighthouse (1791): Portland Head Light is the oldest in Maine. The light station sits on a head of land at the entrance of the primary shipping channel into Portland Harbor, which is within Casco Bay in the Gulf of Maine. The home to the light station’s, historic building and museum. Fort Williams is the direct location of the lighthouse. It is owned and managed by the Town of Cape Elizabeth in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

  • Address: 1000 Shore Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04106
  • Hours: 10:00A.M.-4:00P.M.—Seasonal
  • Cost: FREE
  • Coordinates: 43°37′ 24″ N 70°12′ 30″ W

Portland Breakwater Lighthouse (1855): It is the smallest lighthouse in South Portland, Maine. The lighthouse is in a 9-acre park (Bug Light Park) which was the site of major shipbuilding activity during WWII. The lighthouse is also known as Bug Light. Bug Light is a secluded aid to navigation and is owned by the City of South Portland in South Portland, Maine.

  • Address: S Portland Greenbelt Pathway, South Portland, ME 04106
  • Hours: 6:00A.M.-10:00P.M.—Seasonal
  • Cost: FREE
  • Coordinates: 43°39′ 20″ N 70°14′ 06″ W

Spring Point Lighthouse (1897): Spring Point Light is an active Coast Guard aid to navigation, which is owned and managed by the Spring Point Ledge Light Trust. The lighthouse has been a main part of the history of Portland Harbor and Casco Bay since 1897.It is located at the breakwater of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine.

  • Address: 14 Fort Rd, South Portland, ME 04106
  • Hours: 11:00A.M.-3:00P.M.—Seasonal
  • Cost: $5.00 per person
  • Coordinates: 43°39′ 07″ N 70°13′ 26″ W

I wish you a rocky, breezy, and delightful experience!”





5 thoughts on ““The Vacationland State”

  1. Portland Headlight is my local favorite. A nice bike ride from Portland, and a nice beach to hang out at upon arrival.

  2. Wow I did not know Maine has 70 lighthouses and I been living in Maine my whole life. I have only been to the Portland Head Light. I also did not know we have a day for FREE lighthouse tours.The Spring Point Lighthouse seems interesting to see.

  3. I am a shameful Mainer and have yet to take advantage of Lighthouse Day. Do they offer any tours in the summer months as well? Attempts at future planning 😉

    1. Nathalie, I am completely guilty too. I have only been to two out of three lighthouses on my blog, but yes in my deep research I have gotten a lot of feedback and information about the local lighthouses in the area and most of the “tour” related lighthouses are in the summer. In addition, some of the lighthouses don’t need a tour and you can visit them on your own time and leisure. My favorite lighthouse is the Portland Head Light. I know there are more lighthouses but I am just more focused on the ones that are in The Greater Portland Area and additional history added on top of it. 🙂

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