An Introduction to Maine’s Nerd / Internet Culture

HUD : Gaming Lounge in Portland
I’ve spent a lot of time deciding on how to introduce this blog.

I, For one, am salty about the commodification of geekdom, about folks getting into the stuff that got me made fun of in school.

But at the end of the day, this stuff is fun, it’s interesting, it’s a great way to make friends and find kindred spirits. And I’m glad, in a way, for people getting into it.

It’s cool now to be a geek! Thanks Big Bang Theory!

that was uncalled for, I’m sorry… kind of.

But hey!

A bunch of folks wear the “Geek” or “Nerd” badge with pride and have for many years, and you know what, that’s great.  You go, Glenn Coco. But for those joining this hit parade in progress;


Welcome to a visitor’s guide to Maine’s “Geek” offerings

My name is Kait.

I like a bunch of things.

I’m a pop culture junkie, gamer, internet surfer, cosplayer, and a clue master.


I wear many a hat, but all fall under the brim of being classified as a “geek”

Through this blog I’m going to share with you things around Southern Maine that are viable spots and events that celebrate all those hobbies that got me harassed in high school.

From Gaming lounges, to Escape Rooms. Arcade-Bars to Anime Conventions, there’s a little bit for everyone, and we’re all inclusive- no member’s only jackets here, folks.

This blog is for the geeks, the nerds,  the jocks, the preps, the  hippies, the goths, the stoners, and those kids who wear the white new balance sneakers every single day paired with a blue pullover hoodie (you know the one. And if you don’t, then sorry friend- it’s you).

Basically, high school never ends and we’re all trying to get along now.

So let’s play some video games, hug it out and get to it.

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