Whale Watching in Maine

A nice sunny September day with a chilled sea breeze and a crowd of tourists onboard one of the many harbor boats ready to depart out to sea for a three hour cruise in search of whales just off the coast of the state of Maine.

Bringing my friend along with his sister as it was his last time seeing him before he took off to Florida, we boarded the boat and almost instantly, I feel my sea legs return right from leaving the pier. The last time I was aboard a boat was about 2½ years ago so it felt good being on a boat again for the first time since. The vessel had two stories with the top deck being open for sightseeing and picture taking and the lower deck had a smoking area at the stern of the boat where people can bring their drinks and enjoy a cigarette or a nice cigar and puff on an E-cig. The inside of the boat had an open bar offering beer, and a few spirits for mixed drinks.

Bringing my friend Ben (Right) with his sister Gabby (Left)

The “volunteer biologist” for our cruise greeted us and told us that we would be sailing out to sea and to use caution while walking as the wakes were rocking the boat or as a local would say, “The wind’s a bit wicked out”. We passed some of the local islands that included Harbor island, Squirrel Island (named after the island being shaped similar to a squirrel) and the Cuckholds Lighthouse. The Cuckolds sits on top of a bunch of rocks and is one of the first lighthouses you’d see when entering the harbor and the last one if you’re heading out to sea. After passing the last lighthouse, we continued further out to sea and arrived at the grounds where the whales are known to be spotted. We hit the bar and grabbed a couple beers to start our day. We sat at the stern of the boat and enjoyed our beverages then walked around to get a few pictures of our cruise. The captain revved the propellers from time to time to get some sightings as whales are attracted to sound. We didn’t see any sightings unfortunately but throughout the duration of the time out on the water, my friends and I saw several sailboats, lobster boats and even a seabird sighting. We ended up staying around the grounds for a bit longer trying to get a sighting but eventually, we headed back to shore and although I couldn’t see any whales, I did capture some great photos of houses that hugged the coast along with Spruce Point Inn, a nice property overlooking the end of the harbor that points out to the ocean called Spruce Point Inn.


Cuckolds Lighthouse

My sea legs started to wear off the closer we got into the harbor, more pictures of the inner harbor/downtown area followed as we pulled back into the pier. As the crew were tying the boat up and making everything secure, an announcement was made since there were no whale sightings, everyone was issued a standby ticket for a free future cruise on any trip offered by the company which include, a sample cruise that has sight seeing, a bit of whale watching and even a lobster trap demonstration. Others include, a trip down to Bath which is the longest trip lasting about 4 hours and a trip dedicated to seeing several lighthouses around the nearby area lasting for about 1½ to 2 hours.







4 thoughts on “Whale Watching in Maine

  1. Whales or no whales I am glad you got to get on the seas again! Seeing Maine’s coastline from the water is one of my absolute favorite things. 🙂

    1. I agree with you, whales or no whales, it’s a great time all in all! Seeing the lighthouses and smaller cottages on the rocks are a sight as well.

  2. Wow, sounds like a good time. I think beverages on board can make the trip fun. It seems like a good whale watching boat, they gave tickets for another trip because you didn’t see any whales.

    1. It is a nice boat with a small bar in the back. They also offer hot dogs, burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches during lunch so you don’t have to worry about going hungry while out on the sea

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