Black Point Inn – A Home Away From Home

Black Point Inn – A Home Away From Home
Back in July, one of the best months of the year in Maine, I stayed at the historic Black Point Inn for my mom’s 50th birthday. This is no new place for me, I have worked at Black Point Inn for 5 years. Yet, even after all this time, the beautiful scene that the inn sits on never ceases to blow me away.


When we first checked in, we went to our room and immediately felt the homey feel of it. Many hotels that I have been to it’s always the same; clean and crisp, but not comfortable. The opposite can be said for our room. Both the bed and pillows felt like laying on a cloud, one that you sink right into. After admiring the room, we went down to the pool. That day was especially hot so the pool was more than refreshing.


For those not familiar with where Black Point Inn is, it is located at the tip of picturesque Prouts Neck in Scarborough. Within walking distance of the inn is Scarborough Beach and Ferry Beach. Prior to checking in, we spent the whole day lounging on Ferry Beach.


When we came back in from the pool, our intention was to get ready for dinner. However, we kept getting distracted by just sitting out on our balcony and looking out at the water. We may or may not have been a little late to dinner.


Once we were seated for dinner, the feeling of complete relaxation didn’t stop. Thanks to my lovely 50% discount on food, we had no problem ordering ourselves a five course meal.


A dozen Damariscrotta Oysters

Cheese Plate


Cup of Clam Chowder

French Onion Soup


Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

Iceberg and Blue Salad


Scallops with Sautéed Lobster and Spinach

Petit Filet with Asparagus and Fingerling Potatoes


Blueberry Pie

Lemon Pistachio Cake


Full and happy we made our way back up to our room. With the sun beginning to set, we grabbed a couple glasses of wine and decided to go look out of the widows walk.


After a long day relaxing in the sun, we were beat. It may have only been 8:30pm, but it felt like it could have been 2:30am. I could not think of a more relaxing day. The second our heads hit the pillows, we were out like a light.


The next morning, we woke up at 7am to the smell of bacon. This was due to fact we were right above kitchen. That’s when I knew it was going to be a good day. We walked down to the lobby and grabbed a mug of coffee and went back to sit on our balcony.

Once 8am rolled around, we were ready for our next delicious meal. Starting off with a cup of Carrabassett Coffee Company’s signature 50/50 blend, we were sitting out in the perfect 70 degree weather. My mom ordered the crab benedict, while I got the Belgian waffle with a side of bacon. To top off the perfect morning, we finished with a couple of mimosas.

If you are looking for a home away from home, but without the responsibilities and the rushing around, check out Black Point Inn. There will be nothing else like it.


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  1. I love the title, “A Home Away From Home.” This seems like a nice small getaway at the end of the school year.

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