Don’t know which hotel to stay at in Portland ME?

Which one is best Bed and Breakfast or Hotels?

Traveling to Portland and don’t know where to stay?
Is there too many choices to choose from?
When I think of Hotels I think of a bigger franchise than a bed breakfast which is most likely locally own and ran.
Bed and breakfasts can offer different amenities according to your preferences.
They offer free homemade breakfast, where at a Hotel it would be added to your bill and definitely not homemade

  • Check ins are usually flexible where at a hotel they have a set check in and check out time
  • Free wifi where it would be added to your ending bill at a hotel
  • Free parking instead of valet at a hotel
  • Friendlier staff/owners because they are locals and understand personably

Now there are plenty of places to stay in Portland ME, but the places I have stayed at are the Holiday Inn and the Hilton, they both had great staff and cozy rooms.

Holiday Inn was cheaper verses The Hilton because of the location. The Hilton gets a lot of traffic because it is right on commercial street but the Holiday Inn is across from the cross insurance arena, making it an easy out after a concert, game or event there.img_0040

Holiday Inn would be great for the person coming just in for en event since it is right across the street and have many different floors/rooms to choose from. Their rooms different from two regular beds which are usually in between the bigger rooms.

They also have king size rooms that have one king size bed with another full dining area along with the other amenities as well. They also have the presidential suite on the 11th floor, which is bigger then the king size room making it the top rated room in the building.
I haven’t stayed at any bed and breakfasts but they are well known as a cheap/efficient way to have a fun night out in Portland