Secondhand Wonderland – Portland ME

Vintage is LIFE!


Let’s go back in time to where everything was different. Imagine the cars, the houses, furniture, kitchens! Everything has changed and people definitely love to reminisce on the past with buying vintage, antique and other secondhand items from back in the day.

Now let me formally introduce myself, my name is Jessica Anne and I travel and roam the streets of Portland Maine looking for the best, most incredible, and the most affordable cool vintage, antique and thrift stores. There are many second hand shops and I cannot wait to share my finds with you! I started buying and selling vintage when I was only fourteen years old and I am twenty one years old now. The passion I have had for vintage and everything second hand has never faded within my old soul.



There are many vintage, antique and secondhand shops in downtown Portland Maine. There are even shops where you can sell your vintage and secondhand clothing and accessories for cash on the spot or just consign those clothing and accessories. There are many cool spots in downtown Portland Maine that are part of the secondhand way of life.

To get us started I would like to tell you about the difference between antique and vintage. Antiques are 100 plus years old and vintage the opposite which would be less than 100 years old but this does not mean that modern day items are vintage. By my standards vintage is less than 100 years old but does not exceed past the mid 90s. This is just the way that I have learned throughout my vintage, antique and secondhand career.  


Overall I would like for us to take this journey and explore the vintage, antique and secondhand world of Portland Maine. So buckle your classic 1950s, 1960s and 1970s car seats belts and get ready for a smooth and steady ride throughout Portland Maine. Follow us on Instagram @the_neon_mushroomimgres

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  1. I too love secondhand items and will always scour before buying anything new! If I can’t make it myself, second hand it is! Can’t wait to see more 🙂

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