What a great location for a hotel!

Holiday Inn is a first choice!

With many choices to choose from Holiday Inn is in a great location compared to the Hilton because of the more traffic the Hilton gets.

Yes the Hilton is more high-end but that also means that it is more busy, the amount of traffic would make it difficult to get a fast and easy nights stay.

The Holiday Inn has 11 floors compared to 7 that the Hilton has which makes it easier to get a room for fast and cheap.img_0028

Holiday Inn is in a great location which is right next to the cross insurance arena that hosts concerts, games and graduations.

A short walk to all the great restaurants is all it takes from Holiday Inn as well as a short drive.

With me living an hour away and working at Holiday Inn makes it an easy decision for me to pick which hotel I want to stay at. With me working at the Holiday Inn I get an inside scoop of the rooms which consist of regular size beds, queen size and king size beds/rooms, the rooms on the end are most likely the king size rooms which have extra room for the traveler.

Room service breakfast makes for a beautiful morning with a great view of the bay, which has the best view of the bay compared to any other hotel in the old port.

The view of the bay is what sells people towards the Holiday Inn more, most of the floors from 6 and up have the great view of the bay and on the other side is a view of the hundreds of buildings that make the Old Port what it is today.img_0030

What are the accommodations you insist as a traveler?
I require a cheap and priceless experience, unlike that I have ever stayed. Holiday Inns are all around the united states, I traveled to Utah last summer and stayed at a holiday inn that had great views of the mountains and was also pet friendly for my dog.

These different Holiday inns have many amenities that other have wouldn’t have but that makes it so there is something for everyone anywhere.


The location is key👍🏻

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  1. I too love Holiday Inn by the Bay’s location! It has served me well many a time in both personal use and business, attending several conferences and meetings in their event/banquet/ meeting spaces.

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