Eve’s at the garden

Portland Maine has vast and new experiences every single time you go to a new restaurant. Portland has 536 restaurants and every single one is different. One that I’m going to talk about is Eve’s at the garden it’s located inside of the Portland Harbor Hotel.

       It has some astounding reviews. Their decor is very high class with comfy seats all the way to a high class bar with most table seat with eight tops it would make a perfect place to rent out and have a meeting just be prepared to pay a pretty penny where the average price per meal is $15-30 per item. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A good recommendation would be the seasonal seafood omelette just because it’s so different how often do you see seafood for breakfast. I myself am not a fish fan so I couldn’t tell you what it tastes like but i’ve read a lot of reviews and the all said that it was delicious.

       Unlike my last review this place is good for families and children so if you have kids or young brothers and sisters. Executive chef Tim Labonte is the one that creates the magic and he visits the farmer’s market every time he has the opportunity to use fresh vegetables and seafood. The service there is probably the best around fast, efficient and very diligent hard workers. Next time you’re around Portland take a stop in and eat some good food.

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  1. Seafood is close to my heart! I might just have to stop in and enjoy one of their omelettes! Thanks for sharing!

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