Getting around Peaks Island

On a hot day when the wind is dormant, a cool breeze is a heavy desire and can be found by enjoying a bike ride, golf cart ride, or car ride. A loop around the island is a must. If you are on a day trip, biking or riding a golf cart are quick, easy and simple activities.

I personally take a quick loop on my bike after work just to experience the ocean air on the backshore.A loop on bike can take about 40 minutes without stopping, but if you have some time available weave through the intricacy of dirt roads and find the hidden crevices and little footpaths that sneak you through neighborhoods and trails.

 You can fill your backpack with snacks, beverages, and other extracurricular activities to consume your time in the depths of seclusion. Many artists come to the island as visitors and discover their source of inspiration while here. 

 If you don’t have your own bike, they are easy to access by renting one from Brad and Wyatt’s bike shop, (207)-766-5631: a father and son run business. They offer hourly, daily, and weekly rates for rentals, but can help you with any bike repairs if you brought your own.  


 A golf cart ride can get you around the island within 15 minutes  without stopping which is possible if you have to catch the next ferry, but unbearably painful if it is your first visit. Soaking in the liberty of the backshore by having a few beverages on hand and a friend of some sort, dogs included, are essential elements to partaking in this recreational activity exercised by most. 

The golf cart can become your own mobile bench, and guarantees  a  comfort within the elements of the seasons. Golf carts are available right off the island in two separate strategic locations for rental by hourly, daily, or weekly rates. Mikes Carts and Peaks Island Golf Carts. 

 You can bring your own car on the car ferry, check the fees and schedules with casco bay lines, if you plan to be over for an extended period, but this option is unnecessary if you are traveling solo, and/or have little to bring with you. The island is compact, even walking is a good way to explore the island.  


Another valuable transportation resource is the taxi, ( 207)-518-0000, that can be found right off the boat upon arrival and sweetly located at the base of the hill to facilitate easy pick ups.  The drivers offer a warm welcome, the maximum fee is $5/person a trip, available between the hours of 8am-8pm.

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  1. The footpaths and trails are the island’s best quiet spots during the summer, since everyone sticks to the ocean edge.

  2. I got a chance to wander the footpaths this summer. You are absolutely right that it is worth leaving extra time for yourself to explore. However, I have always wanted to and at some point will, experience the luxurious golf cart option!

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