Interlude in NYC

Taking a break from Southern Maine’s nerd offerings, a couple of friends and I took a trip down to NYC this past weekend for League of Legend’s World Championship Semi-Finals.

Madison Square Garden on Friday night, October 21st

league_of_legends_logoLeague of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), a type of  game where you prove your might on the battlefield with a selected champion, from there you control your champion trying to take down the opposing team’s towers to push yourself from one side of the map to the other.

2016_league_of_legends_world_championship_logoThe games are exciting, infuriating, for the most part- fast paced, and most often; full of toxic players who get their kicks from being rude in game. But hey, it’s a great time- especially if you have a decent team. (AVOID SOLO QUEUE)

It’s a pretty popular game, with over 100 MILLION active players each month across the world.

So a bunch of folks gathered in Madison Square Garden to watch the best teams in the world duke it out for a spot in the finals. And by a bunch, I mean,

Madison Square Garden was sold out two nights in a row.


Video games man, who would’a thought.

As well as the exciting games presented on the main stage, there were various other offerings for those in attendance. Most notably

“The Riftwalk”


nashThe Riftwalk is an experience with many photo-ops that put you in the heart of the action on Summoner’s Rift- by picking up weapons of some of the most notable champions, to fighting one of the game’s biggest foes. Many different captures were available, such as the “Bullet Time” photo-op where instead of a picture, you receive an animated GIF.img_3400


Pretty decent weekend for a bunch of anti-socialites taking Manhattan.

Not everyone is able to attend a huge event like this, and Portland currently isn’t well equipped to handle so many video game geeks running amuck in the city.

But thankfully, here in good ol’ Portland- we have a place to view these kind of gaming events in a contained manner, while still maintaining the hype and atmosphere seeing an event live creates.

HUD Gaming Lounge located on Congress St in the heart of downtown is a relatively new space for everything video game and internet-culture related, tune in next week to get to know HUD.





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2 thoughts on “Interlude in NYC

  1. The GIF shot DOES look SOOO cool! I didn’t even know you could do that….
    This looks like it was so much fun! I have never been to an event like this, (nor was i aware that video gaming competitions existed)
    Thanks for teaching me something!

  2. Why does every event not offer the GIF action shot!? Truly an epic way to capture what sounds like an amazing weekend!

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