Beyond Bouquets: Part One

Weddings are synonymous with flowers.

A bounty of blooms gorgeously arranged create elegance and grandeur in their display amongst bouquets, centerpieces, backgrounds, and floral chandeliers.

A decadence, glorifying nature’s beauty, adorning corners, tables, and aisles. The sweet elegance of flora softening the lines and ridges of a ceremony and reception space, depositing your theme and colors throughout your event.

Flowers, enrich the atmosphere in their quiet nature, allowing you to impart your particular style in a subtle, refined way.

It was Helen Keller who said, “ love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same”

While your guests cannot see your love, like a flower’s scent, they know its presence and are captivated just the same.

Indeed, floral work can set the tone of any event.


Creating beautiful backdrops .

                                                                        Displaying your theme through centerpieces.2daa2e9922ef20da62b569407df45c57

                                                                            Creating an ethereal glow, a romantic whisper roaming over the head table         with floral chandeliers.                                                                                                                                                        5bc5721f35cbf4c4088c674854872b9f                                    And the star of the      show, next to the dress,   the bridal bouquet.

5a2f7ac7659d96a80ca44e108b1099e9              Events are big business in the world of flowers!

It is said that typically, 5-10% of a wedding budget can be expected to be spent with the florist alone.

That is a whole lotta green paying for some plants!!

You can, (yes of course i’m advocating for) DIY some components to stay out of the financial weeds!

In knowing the basic shapes of typical bridal bouquets, you can hit your local craft store and get your thrifty on!


Thank God for Youtube tutorials!

There are several to guide you to create your floral fantasy whether dreaming of a traditional round bouquet or a luxurious cascading effect.

Bloom Box, is an online flower retailer specializing in bulk flower delivery and provides several tutorials to help you create the bouquets of your dreams!

Or, as part of your bridal shower, you can collect broaches to make a nontraditional bouquet with thought and meaning to each broach within your special arrangement.


DIY not for you?

  Luckily, you can preserve the beauty of your event and make that money even more worth spending.

While currently there are no services in Maine, it is becoming quite the trend to arrange for donation of your bridal blooms!

                            Traditionally these services are linked with donation centers and donn adorable names such as, Petals with Purpose  or Random Acts of Flowers                       

The flowers, donated from events, are transformed into smaller arrangements and brought to local hospitals, assisted living, hospice, or veteran facilities.

Not to soil the sentiment of these donations at all but these, as well as donations of leftover foods to local shelters, are all tax deductible write-offs.

Not only are you afforded the opportunity to share in love and beauty, but also a small way to fight the flora’s budget busting!

While I am sure the trend will continue, the eternal optimist in me hopes the heart warming notion is shared, as an established service has yet to arrive in Maine.

Yet, with patience, planning, and thoughtful preparation, perhaps the love of your big day could extend beyond your family and friends.

Arrange with friends and family a way to gather and distribute flowers from your event.


Like your love, a flower is a gift that makes your heart smile. Why wouldn’t you want to share it?


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9 thoughts on “Beyond Bouquets: Part One

  1. Nathalie, I truly enjoyed this blog post! I myself am a huge fan of DIY wedding floral design and especially flower crowns. So many flowers go waisted after an event and love the idea of using the flowers for a tax-write off, something I never thought of when delivering roses to a nursing home from a previous event.

    1. Of course! It was hard to choose as so many images out there capture so much beauty, talent, and creativity! I appreciate being able to share what I find! Thanks for reading!

  2. A very informative article. It takes the fear of DIY floral arranging for weddings, and bridal Bouquet’s.

    1. I love the idea of DIY for anything ESPECIALLY for something as personal and important as weddings! Stayed tuned for Part Two- Non traditional bouquets and centerpieces! I might love them more than flowers! 🙂

  3. Absolutely love the idea of “re gifting” the flowers!!! We try and have fresh flowers on the dining room tables BUT it would be so nice to have extras around the building too! Oh, btw, your puns were catchy too! Staying out of the weeds lol

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