Visiting The Old Port Tavern

Old Port Tavern in a unique building in The Old Port (OPT). There are 3 different venues within the same building. On the lowest level you have the Restaurant / Bar / Nightclub. On the next level there is a Billiards Hall and on the top level there is an event / wedding space.

The OPT bar has a unique vibe that really matches up with The Old Port. Everything from the wooden tables, fish tanks and seating screams Old Port. The venue is clean, the people are nice and the staff is respectful and homey.


There is typically an older crowd in the wee hours of the night, and the party really starts between 11 and 11:30, as does the majority of The Old Port.  Typically OPT is a stop for everyone at some point in their night out, and recently it seems to be getting a little busier each weekend with their newest DJ’s.

OPT’s Newest DJ, DJ NoKlipz, plays Friday nights, and spins Throwbacks to Modern Day hits from Hip-Hop to Pop. DJ Corey plays Top 40 hits and plays most Saturdays.

OPT Serves food till 930 with live music and a DJ from 10 – 1am Friday and Saturday, with two different mixing and music styles. Mon – Thurs OPT has Karaoke until midnight.

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  2. How have I never heard of Karaoke here!? OPT is always on my list when I drag myself to the Old Port. It is the only place with both a great atmosphere and room to dance! Jello shots are also a plus. 🙂

  3. I loved going to karaoke here, before work. If you are big on karaoke,my biggest tip is to arrive early so you can get a couple of songs in right away before the crowd shows up.

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