A Walk around Boothbay Harbor

During the summer  season, My friends and I enjoy walking around the harbor during the daytime. The harbor as I stated in my introduction has many restaurants for tourists to go and enjoy fresh seafood such as fried clams and shrimp, oysters and the famous Maine lobster or a nice lobster roll.

There’s a trolley that is owned by Rocktide Inn which overlooks the harbor and most of the piers that hold the boat tours around the coastal area. this trolley brings its guests (and public) around the harbor, and journeys down to the local small-mall area where most people park-and-ride since space is limited in the downtown area.

Walking from the small-mall to the inner harbor is about 10 minutes. When you enter the downtown area, there are several art galleries, t-shirt shops and places to eat including the “Bar-muda Triangle” which is made up of three buildings each of them including bars. Mcseagulls is a great place to start off with dinner and a couple drinks, then head towards the water and you’ll run into Mine Oyster and Herringbones bars. These are good late night bars that offer live music, a pool table area in Herringbones, and outdoor sitting areas that allow smoking. On some nights, there will be a DJ in herringbones (which I do prefer over live music).

Walking further into the harbor, you’ll see some more sweat shops along with a small coffee shop called The Red Cup which is just across the street from some more piers where tour boats depart from. Walking across the street, you will walk through the “Whale Park”. This is a small walking area that has bricks with different names on them. These are all locals that purchase a brick and can get their name printed on. A lot of events are held on a small stage including concerts, raffles and other events which are during the summer seasons.

Walking back towards the bars I mentioned earlier, if you pass through that area, you’ll arrive at a long log cabin-style building which used to be an old bowling alley. If you take a right after the building and walk down the hill, you’ll see a small waffle/ice cream stand known as “Wannawaf”. This place is good for a late night snack area or a good place for after dinner treats. Just after passing this stand, you’ll start to cross over the harbor on a wooden footbridge. This was used back in the early 1900s as a quick way for firefighters to get across the harbor to fight a fire.


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