Peaks Island Skatepark

In 2012, when I first moved to the island, I remember that a skateboard park was constructed on a flat of cement right near Battery Steele. I also remember thinking how odd of a place to have a skateboard park: on a dirt road in the midst of a wooded area, on an island! 


Sometime in early 2015,”The call to demolish the skate park came from the Peaks Island Land Preserve, a nonprofit conservation group. The preserve holds a conservation easement on the land where the skate park was built and its president, John Whitman, wrote a letter to the city in February calling for it to be taken down.” After it was decided to demolish it, the city allowed for it to stay for the entire summer season. 


 Shortly after there was a decision made to demolish the park, local skateboarders and supporters began planning and funding for a new park. The skate ramp has recently been moved to the new skateboard park location.


The new location is not very far from the old location, guess one could say that anywhere on the island. It is down Brackett, take a left to the community Garden at Trott-Little John Park.  

Here is the current fundraising page:

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