Places to Eat and Drink

With only a handful of selections, all the places to eat and drink are located right off the ferry.

The best sequence of stops in one day, listed in order of first open, last open,  would look like this: stop into the cafe for coffee/ tea and breakfast while you get involved in a jigsaw puzzle, for lunch stop into Hannigan’s for a deli sandwich and chat it up with the deli boy about the best things to do on the island, the Cockeyed Gull for dinner and a beverage, The Island House for a beverage and the sunset, The Inn for dessert, and finish the night at the Legion with a beverage and some competitive pool with the local trouble makers.

Lisa’s Peaks Cafe


You can get Coffee by Design coffee at the cafe from the first boat until around 2 pm daily, Sunday and holidays it opens later and closes around noon. The cafe also has a breakfast and lunch menu. Thankfully, it is open year round, offering solace in the form of jigsaw puzzles and community.

The Inn on Peaks Island


The Inn is well known for its delicious food, luxury rooms, and as a place to host weddings.

Their gluten free chocolate cake is divine.

The Peaks Island House


The Island House is known for its key location overlooking the water and city. The smallest bar out of all the restaurants, maybe 4 bar stools.

The Cockeyed Gull


This restaurant and bar is open year round from 3 pm until 8 pm, more hours in the summer. It boasts an ocean and city view, and is one of the best locations to experience Portland’s spectacular sunset. Their menu is full of unique flavors, in the summer they have a watermelon salad.

The American Legion


On those cold bitter winter nights of isolation on an island, The American Legion is a cozy welcome that gifts the feeling that you are doing something although you aren’t.

It hosts a a jukebox, pool table, dart board, and a couple of televisions for entertainment. The two television sets are usually set to sports games, but you can request your favorite sitcom if you are the only one at the bar, any weekday after 7 pm is very quiet. I have been known to frequent here for a midnight snack of milk and Oreo cookies in the winter. They don’t cook food, only snacks. The weekends are the busiest days especially in the summer.

Hannigan’s Market


It is vital to know that the market offers coffee throughout the day in the case that the cafe is closed. They also are the only suppliers of oven baked pizza located behind the deli counter. Although I don’t eat deli sandwiches, they have a good variety, and usually make a lunch special.

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    1. The hours are usually 6am until 2pm, and are not usually open on holidays- making sure you know in case you go out of your way to visit.

  1. I don’t eat at any of these venues. I make my own food. Most people living on the island will shop for their food in town and bring it on the ferry because the prices at Hannigan’s are not affordable for everyone. For example, cheese can be twice as much on the island than it is in Portland.

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