Vintage <3 Love



Vintage?!?! Do you love, love , love vintage? Well I love, love, love vintage too! Check out the Neon Mushroom for all your vintage needs! We sell vintage items from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Flower power, peace, love and vintage vibes! Follow us on Instagram @ the_neon_mushroom! Like us on Facebook @ The Neon Mushroom. Follow us on Twitter @ neon_mushroom_  You will be able to see our latest vintage treasures all coming from secondhand places in Portland, Maine and all around the New England area! Selling vintage gives the item a second chance to get a new life! A new life full of vintage fun!

Where do you find your vintage treasures? Yard Sales, flea markets, thrift stores and other secondhand wonderful places? Regardless of where you buy them you help give them another chance to be beautiful again! So explore you vintage wonders and treasures and always remember. Peace, love and vintage vibes!


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  1. Wow this sounds really cool! Nice job with the video too sounds like you have a classic collection of some cool products!

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