Publick House

I went to the Publick House expecting a high class restaurant and surprisingly it wasn’t. It’s located right on Main Street in Springvale Maine. When  I walked in I was astonished by the fact that there was a bar because it seemed like a small restaurant, but I found out that they also own the building attached to it. It was very clean inside and it was packed with people everywhere. imgres.jpg

For decor they have wooden table with a wooden bar. They also have tv’s wall mounted around the restaurant. The room was kind of noisy but not loud enough to distract you. They  serve some of their food in baskets and some of the food on plates. I ordered a chicken sandwich and it was one of the best that I’ve ever had. It was juicy and tender and I got a side of fries with it and they were hand cut and delicious. I was surprised I was expecting to eat bar food but the food here was actually good.

Their prices are surprisingly afford able I went with my dad,mom,and sister and the price came to around $50.00 for what. My Dad had a burger with fries, my mom had panini, and my sister the mac & cheese and everybody said that the food was delicious. By far I think that they are one of the best and affordable places to eat in the springvale-sanford area. What made me feel it was high class was the taste of the food. The way the food tasted was above what I expected.

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2 thoughts on “Publick House

  1. I love good food that are affordable! I think I’ll bring my little sister here for her birthday!

  2. Do you have more pictures of the inside, or even outside? I haven’t ever been to Springvale, but Publick House seems like a good reason to go.

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