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Exam week can be stressful and hard to focus on your studies. We all need some motivation to not procrastinate because exam is usually the only assignments that determines if you failed the class or not.

We sure do not want to see that big fat F on our report card. Most of us would lock ourselves in our boring room where you just want to flip your whole room upside down. That bedroom is a suffocating and sometimes can feel a little depressing always locking yourself in the room during exam. Here is the best cafes that is optimal for studying during your exam or if you need to get assignments done without dying in your room.


Joe Muggs: Sometimes being surrounded by books will give you the motivation of wanting to start working on your studies. This cafe is located in Books A Million (BAM). It is a book store by the Maine Mall.

Before I begin my studies there I would walk around and find a self help book and read couple of pages that would bring up my mood to hit the books. In this case hit the cafe. Joe Muggs drinks are always changing by the season or the holiday. There is always a new drink to try.

Some cafe does not offer wifi. Sometimes the internet is needed while studying. Joe Muggs does have wifi, but to access it you would have to login through your Facebook account. If you are a member of Books A Million then your card number is what you need to sign in to the wifi. The environment is more chill and open, but coming during the evening is more of a quiet time. You’ll also find many other college students, teachers, business people at Joe Muggs doing their work. Which is also a great motivation when you are surrounded by other people working hard.


The most unique drink offered is the Candy Blast Frappe. It is similar to a Reese’s ice cream in a cup. Frappes are a type of frozen beverage blended with ice and other various ingredients.

You can have the option of a whipped cream topping, but what is a frappe without whipped cream! Might as well add the extra sweetness to the Candy Blast Frappe for a more flavorful dink. It is considered a summer drink. Therefore it is no longer listed on the holiday menu. Only the regulars still know they exist throughout the seasons.

A cold drink might not be a great time for this breezy winter. Mint hot chocolate is beyond amazing at Joe Muggs. If you have a sweet tooth and are not a fan of thick cocoa, then their hot chocolate is the one for you.

Personally, this is my favorite hot cocoa. It tastes like it was home made. When your drink is made, you will find a surprise delicious chocolate placed on top of the whipped cream.

They make the temperature just right to drink. There will be no burning on the tongue or too cold/warm that it is unpalatable to drink. Once you reach the last couple sips of the hot chocolate you will find the leftover chocolate at the bottom of the cup; which make it an astonishing finale to your drink.

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