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          The holiday season has officially arrived in Boothbay, ME! Along with the Coastal Maine Botanical gardens putting on their 2nd annual “Gardens Aglow” event, the whole town and harbor has businesses and residents putting up lights on their property to greet the traffic coming in to see the gardens a warm welcome into the region.

Driving into the entrance, you’ll start out on a small dirt road leading into the gardens, eventually, you’ll start to see signs for parking and registration/ticket purchasing for the event. Park your car and walk over to the main house where you’ll be welcomed by staff and given a 

1 of 5 fairy houses

k sticker after checking in as a pass, a map is given of the pathway through the gardens which also marks out food vendors along the way which include s’mores, hot cocoa and freshly made kettle corn. You’ll also see fairy houses along the paths which can be marked down on your map handout and returned at the main house for a prize.

The event takes place from 4-9 pm Thursday-Sundays up until December 31st. Getting
there right at 4 not only
beats the traffic rush that comes up, but gives you a nice sunset view on a clear evening. Check in at the desk and make your way down.

The garden was decorated all with lights on all the small flowers and trees, there were some small houses decorated along the outskirts of the garden area with lights in the inside lighting up small dining rooms and other scenes you can check out at different spots. The center of the garden had a small pond with islands you could walk out to. There was a small wooden bridge I walked out on and it was like a tunnel of lights along with the sky above giving off a dusk look which made the view a fun experience to see.

After walking around the rest of the gardens covered with lights, We walked over to the far end which had tall pine trees covered in lines

Overlooking the gardens with clouds in the sky

of lights going up the trunks and all over the branches. If you had seen James Cameron’s Avatar in the theaters, you would’ve thought you just landed on Pandora and was looking at the Tree Of Life. After walking through the pine trees, we made our way back to the main house/entrance.

Pine trees just like on Pandora

Walking back to the entrance, you cross a few bridges looking across the whole area which makes a great photo opportunity for family pictures or just a picture of all of the lights. Getting back to the entrance, you feel like you’re on a different planet when you enter and when you leave, you may end up saying that you’ve never seen anything like it, it brings in new tourists to the region and makes the town alive as if it were the summer season! Being a local here in Boothbay, I can say that the gardens have really impressed me along with all of the properties on the way to the gardens and around the harbor have really made the town become a destination for the holidays, If you’re looking for a light show to bring the kids or family this holiday season, I highly recommend the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens for Gardens Aglow!  

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  1. Christmas lights have to be my favorite thing about christmas, so this Garden Aglow event sounds so awesome and fun! Thanks for opening my eyes to this, Ill definitely check it out now.

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