Beyond Bouquets: Part Two

In my previous blog post, Beyond Bouquets: Part One , I explored all the magic floral work can offer your event. The delicacy flowers can add through backdrops and chandeliers, the loveliness they offer as a dressing for guest tables in luxurious centerpieces, and the warmth they can offer in personalizing, not just the decor, but the event itself.

Yet, I also shared the glaring statistic that is absolutely daunting to even the most steadfast bride or event planner who are considering using flowers to decorate a reception space.

You know that scary 5-10% of the wedding budget being spent on flowers!


Whether it an allergy (to the flowers themselves or the cost) or a personal preference, please let me emphasize that you needn’t lose a scosh of the grace, elegance, and warmth flowers offer, by instead using unique, clever, and creative ways to avoid using them!

 Flirt with Frugality in using some of these beautiful alternatives!

I mentioned before the sentiment behind collecting brooches from friends and family to create a broach bouquet  


While, a broach bouquet would last forever, collecting the right brooches might prove a challenge.

Instead, paperwork may be for you.

Not office style paperwork (lame!) rather, paper crafting.

Haven’t done it?


Let me introduce you to your new best friend!

*Note, there are MANY paper flower tutorials on YouTube




Create a gorgeous paper bouquet matching your colors.

Or, keep it super simple for your book lover ( you can use pages from a book with meaning to both of you) 



         The options for using paper flowers are endless as you take them from the essential accessory to a wall adorning focal point for all of your favorite pictures.




 While these alternatives are great for weddings consider as well their potential for birthday, anniversary, and seasonal parties!

I admit, such work can be labor intensive (hopefully you have helpful friends or bridesmaids).

So, for centerpieces, consider stepping away from flowers altogether, paper or otherwise!

My personal favorites (avid word lover here) include the use of books.



Lanterns are another favorite of mine that give a rustic, yet refined look. 


                           Candles too, create a soft ambiance from their light glow. Simply fill your glass candle holder with colorful additions complementing the colors of the event.


                                                                                                                                       Or elegantly display floating candles giving a light, delicate display to your tables.



The options are endless as you begin down this cost-effective, crafty pathway!

For instance, why buy vases at all?

Instead, cut your old wine bottles (there are plenty on hand after nights with the girls making paper flowers), with a glass cutter .

Look at you multitasking! Being kind to the environment and your budget!

My overall point is simple. While flowers, iconic to the wedding scene, have their place, DO NOT stress yourself or your budget considering them a necessity for a beautiful event.

Instead, create your own non-traditional landscape, reflective of your personality, to grace and glorify your event as your own unique masterpiece.



4 thoughts on “Beyond Bouquets: Part Two

  1. I love those papers bouquets and what a genius way to say money! I have always wondered if and how I could make my own centerpieces when the time comes and now I know!

  2. I absolutely adore book centerpieces, and even weddings themed around literature. Especially if the books mean something to the couple- it’s a small view into personal joys of the happy duo on their day that they get to share with the people they love! I love all of these alternative ideas to the traditional floral arrangements!

  3. Paper bouquets! The artistic detail! I never thought about this. It seems like a fun thing to do, and someone could actually start a business on using alternatives to flowers.

    1. Aren’t people brilliant! And thank goodness for their creativeness or I’d be lost! You are right too. With time, patience, and nimble fingers, someone could make quite a name for themselves creating these beauties!

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