ME World – Vintage


This picture shows a glimpse of what my home looks like, a wall full of vintage treasures.  Vintage is my passion and while living near Portland Maine I have discovered many secondhand stores that have captured my attention. Everything that is on this wall is from somewhere in Maine.


Unfortunately none of these items had markers marks but what I do know is that they are all from around the 1970s.

To start I found the  key holder at A Good Cause Thrift Shop in Downtown Portland Maine. It is made out of this very nice solid piece of wood and has metal hooks to hang your keys. The font used for this was very common in the 1970s. Very flower power inspired.

The Strawberry brass trivet was also found at A Good Cause Thrift Shop. This piece is more heavy than expected and is a bit tarnished but that gives it a nostalgic flare to it. The 1970s always played up cartoonish patterns such as these strawberries

The two vegetable handmade crafty pictures I had to dig for at Goodwill by the Pound in Gorham Maine.  I paid probably only $.10 for both and what a find that is! You know that rush when you find a great vintage item at a low low price , well that is how I got and I absolutely love the vegetables. These vegetables really give off a unique and crafty vibe to them.

Lastly this ceramic mushroom trivet. This trivet was found also at Goodwill by the Pound.  Mushroom images and patterns such as on this trivet were very popular in the 1970s.

Haeger #ASHTRAY-2.jpg