10 Things to Ask When Visiting Barn Venues

1) Do you have bathrooms?

Most barn venues do not have restrooms and require that you rent porter potties. Before you jump to conclusions and move on to another location you may want to research porter potties as there are rentals designed specifically for upscale events.


2) Do you have a photographer recommendation?

Having a photographer that is familiar with the location has many benefits. The photographer will feel more comfortable shooting at your venue and will know all of the best spots to get the best results from your photos.


3) Do you have any decor restrictions?

Many barn venues do not allow candles, and have locations that you can not decorate as they may become a fire hazards. Be sure to ask what is allowed. You wouldn’t want to get your heart set on candlestick centerpieces only to find out you can’t use them.


4) Is there a time we have to stop loud music by?

At most venues hotel and barn alike loud music has to stop by 10 or 11pm to avoid disrupting locals and neighbors.


5) Where will the caterer set up?

Caterers have lots of luggage to store, food to heat, and assemble before it is served. They need a space to be able to take care of these needs out of the space of guests. It is important to know they have a place to be able to do this, otherwise you may be required to rent a catering tent.


6) How many guests can the barn hold?

You may be surprised that barns often don’t hold as many people as you think. While it is open and spacious when you visit things get crowded quick with food tables, and a dance floor. It is not uncommon to see those having barn weddings renting a tent for dinner and having dancing and drinks in the barn.


7) Do you have any partnerships with rental companies?

Very few barn venues have tables, chairs, and linens available for use so you will have to rent these items. If a venue requires you to use a certain company or can recommend one you might get a special discount because of the location.


8) Are their any required vendors?

Some venue locations require you to use their preferred vendors. This can raise the costs of the wedding especially if they are more expensive than you prefer to go with.

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9) How long will we have to set up?

3 or 4 days of barn usage is suggested for set up and tear down. You won’t want the added stress leading up to your wedding if there is limited time to get ready.

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10) What is the history of the barn?

Most site managers will tell you this on your visit but don’t forget to find out. Knowing the history of a venue can make it even more charming and you might even have a special connection to the history.

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