Inn at Oceans Edge – 5 Stars

Inn at Oceans Edge – WOW! Of the two places I have already talked about, Inn at Oceans Edge seems to be a perfect combination of the two. To stay here, I traveled two hours up to Lincolnville, next to Camden. The drive alone was a site to see, the beautiful mountains looking out over the ocean. Once we got to the property, the main house was set between the other two buildings that had rooms in them. The room we were given was about the size of large studio apartment, basically because that’s what it was. I wanted to dive onto the king sized bed because it looked so amazingly comfortable and inviting. After we settled in, we decided to go for a little hike at one of the local mountains.


Of the many trails to choose from, we chose Bald Rock Trail. When we started, it seemed like we would never get to the top. The sign had said “1.3 miles to peak”, which after about 20 minutes of walking we had thought we would have made it. Then we started thinking, as one naturally does, “We’re lost, we’re going to die up here.” Luckily, we decided to keep walking on, and about 10 minutes later, we were at the top, looking out at the ocean from what seemed liked a complete birds eye view.


When we got back to our room, we put on our bathing suits and headed right out to the sea salt infinity pool at the edge of the ocean. We intended to mostly sunbathe, but the pool was too pretty not to use. Once we got in, we didn’t want to get out. It was the perfect temperature of cool and warm. After swimming around for a bit, we figured, why not try to hot tub while we’re at it. Even though it was a warm August day, being in that hot tub was one of the most relaxing things I had done in quite a long time.

Around dinner time, we decided to head up to our room and get ready to eat. At Inn at Ocean’s Edge, there is no dining room. Therefore, we had to find somewhere else to eat. We figured that there must be a good amount of little restaurants in Camden. After doing a little research, we decided on 40 Paper Bistro. The day just kept getting better and better! The food was so fresh and delicious. I got a gnocchi dish, while my sister got a flatbread with goat cheese, beets, and almonds. I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven. Even their cosmos were amazing!

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Although it was only around 8 o’clock when we got back, we were so exhausted from the day that we jumped right into that bed and passed out. When we woke up, around 6am, there was still a hint of a gorgeous sunrise. I knew I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I went over to the main house to see if there was any coffee available. The woman at the front desk said they normally do not put coffee out for the guests until 7am, but she had just made a small pot for herself and she would be glad to share. She was my favorite person that day by far! She saved me from having to get in my car and find anywhere that sold coffee.

Even though they do not serve lunch or dinner, they do serve breakfast. Only three options, but they were hard to choose from. I ultimately decided on lox and bagel, my go to anytime I see it on a menu. We had until noon to check out, so we headed down to the pool for a little more R&R.

If we had stayed longer, I would have loved to explore the little downtown part of Camden and also went on more hikes. 10/10 would recommend heading up to this oasis.