Travel Back in Time at this Classic Cocktail Lounge

Crooners & Cocktails is a warm, dimly lit, cocktail lounge and restaurant on exchange street. As soon as you walk up to this establishment, you know everything is going to be amazing, they even have a red velvet rope and stanchion outside their door with outside seating! When you walk into the lounge, you are immersed by the songs and photos of The Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra Dean Martin and the like. The interior has a gorgeous silver decretive ceiling with TV’s playing current shows and sporting events in Black & White.

For drinks you c8c011b_b624734d19c44d41ac3ace3ca4169057mv2_d_3000_2000_s_2an have anything from beer to classics like martini’s, Sazerac’s, Manhattans and the list goes on and one, basically if you know a drink, that you can’t get anywhere else in Portland, you can get it here. The Bartenders are expert mixologists, and hands down make the BEST Cocktails in The Old Port, expect to pay the big bucks though, for one of the cocktails mentioned above they run approximately $10, but you know you are getting quality. One of the bartenders and managers Alex is a sweetheart and has bartended all around Old Port and even in New York.
The food is also pricey, but you are still 8c011b_4e98569527034b4d846e1ff60a8949bbgetting a quality and delicious meal, well worth the price you are paying. I’m not going to go through their entire menu, but I had their Filet Mignon and it was magical. The portions of their food is fantastic and filling and you definitely get your monies worth. If you have allergies to something like Gluten let your server know and they will work with you to make sure what you are getting you can eat and enjoy.

You can visit their website to find out more Here

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Visiting The Old Port Tavern

Old Port Tavern in a unique building in The Old Port (OPT). There are 3 different venues within the same building. On the lowest level you have the Restaurant / Bar / Nightclub. On the next level there is a Billiards Hall and on the top level there is an event / wedding space.

The OPT bar has a unique vibe that really matches up with The Old Port. Everything from the wooden tables, fish tanks and seating screams Old Port. The venue is clean, the people are nice and the staff is respectful and homey.


There is typically an older crowd in the wee hours of the night, and the party really starts between 11 and 11:30, as does the majority of The Old Port.  Typically OPT is a stop for everyone at some point in their night out, and recently it seems to be getting a little busier each weekend with their newest DJ’s.

OPT’s Newest DJ, DJ NoKlipz, plays Friday nights, and spins Throwbacks to Modern Day hits from Hip-Hop to Pop. DJ Corey plays Top 40 hits and plays most Saturdays.

OPT Serves food till 930 with live music and a DJ from 10 – 1am Friday and Saturday, with two different mixing and music styles. Mon – Thurs OPT has Karaoke until midnight.

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5 things you shouldn’t say to a Club DJ


  1. If you play this song everyone is going to go crazy

If you say this to a Club DJ that has a beat on the room, your song has a 95% chance of not being played especially later on in the night. He/She has a Job to do and that is not to be your personal IPod. That being said the other 5%, will get their song played if It actually fits in with the current genre.

  1. Shout-Outs

No, it’s just not going to happen.

No one but your “Squad” cares.

If you want to make a request though the DJ MIGHT play one if you’re nice.

  1. Requesting Songs

Annoying the DJ to play your song is not going to get you anywhere, in fact you will probably end up being told to go @^$&-off. They have a Job to do, let them do it.

  1. Don’t talk to the DJ unless they give you the go-ahead

If the DJ puts a finger up for you to hold on, it’s because they are busy. Don’t continue to talk or tap them on the shoulder. Especially if their headphones are on.

  1. Threatening the DJ

Unless it’s for a good time, don’t do it. It’s either….

Going to get you kicked out, possibly banned


The DJ is going to shrug it off and tell you, in a polite way to go @^$&-off!

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I’m a student in Hospitality Management taking a Hospitality Marketing course at Southern Maine Community College.

I’m going to be talking about the nightlife scene in portland. I’m going to cover reviews of some of the best places to go to in The Old Port to get  Adult Beverages and the best places to dance and have a good time.   I’m also going to be coving the do’s and don’ts of talking to a DJ to get your song played and how to not get it played.

Follow me and let’s take an adventure..