Inn at Oceans Edge – 5 Stars

Inn at Oceans Edge – WOW! Of the two places I have already talked about, Inn at Oceans Edge seems to be a perfect combination of the two. To stay here, I traveled two hours up to Lincolnville, next to Camden. The drive alone was a site to see, the beautiful mountains looking out over the ocean. Once we got to the property, the main house was set between the other two buildings that had rooms in them. The room we were given was about the size of large studio apartment, basically because that’s what it was. I wanted to dive onto the king sized bed because it looked so amazingly comfortable and inviting. After we settled in, we decided to go for a little hike at one of the local mountains.


Of the many trails to choose from, we chose Bald Rock Trail. When we started, it seemed like we would never get to the top. The sign had said “1.3 miles to peak”, which after about 20 minutes of walking we had thought we would have made it. Then we started thinking, as one naturally does, “We’re lost, we’re going to die up here.” Luckily, we decided to keep walking on, and about 10 minutes later, we were at the top, looking out at the ocean from what seemed liked a complete birds eye view.


When we got back to our room, we put on our bathing suits and headed right out to the sea salt infinity pool at the edge of the ocean. We intended to mostly sunbathe, but the pool was too pretty not to use. Once we got in, we didn’t want to get out. It was the perfect temperature of cool and warm. After swimming around for a bit, we figured, why not try to hot tub while we’re at it. Even though it was a warm August day, being in that hot tub was one of the most relaxing things I had done in quite a long time.

Around dinner time, we decided to head up to our room and get ready to eat. At Inn at Ocean’s Edge, there is no dining room. Therefore, we had to find somewhere else to eat. We figured that there must be a good amount of little restaurants in Camden. After doing a little research, we decided on 40 Paper Bistro. The day just kept getting better and better! The food was so fresh and delicious. I got a gnocchi dish, while my sister got a flatbread with goat cheese, beets, and almonds. I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven. Even their cosmos were amazing!

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Although it was only around 8 o’clock when we got back, we were so exhausted from the day that we jumped right into that bed and passed out. When we woke up, around 6am, there was still a hint of a gorgeous sunrise. I knew I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I went over to the main house to see if there was any coffee available. The woman at the front desk said they normally do not put coffee out for the guests until 7am, but she had just made a small pot for herself and she would be glad to share. She was my favorite person that day by far! She saved me from having to get in my car and find anywhere that sold coffee.

Even though they do not serve lunch or dinner, they do serve breakfast. Only three options, but they were hard to choose from. I ultimately decided on lox and bagel, my go to anytime I see it on a menu. We had until noon to check out, so we headed down to the pool for a little more R&R.

If we had stayed longer, I would have loved to explore the little downtown part of Camden and also went on more hikes. 10/10 would recommend heading up to this oasis.

The great offers of Holiday Inn by the bay

Holiday Inn in by the bay offers a stay and park special which allows you to leave your car up to 14 days at your own risk of course. This would apply to people traveling by bus, the Amtrak or plane, Holiday Inn also offers a free shuttle service to the bus, plane, or Amtrak. All you need to do is register your car at the front desk which will allow you to stay and park your car when you are traveling.

Holiday Inn also has many more amenities to offer, one is their restaurant Port of Call which has great food. The Port of Call Lounge is ideal for enjoying cocktails and light fare after spending your day in the historic Downtown. This casual, relaxed atmosphere is a wonderful place to gather and socialize after a long day. After a day of relaxing and eating you can spend the rest of your night at the pool/sauna.

And along with room service from 6am-11pm which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Port of call offers their signature dishes consisting of Lobster Bisque, Maine Nachos, Baked Haddock and of course their trademark, the Lobster Roll.

Now Serving…🍳☕️🌯🍴

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Holiday Inn also offers.. the biggest convention/conference rooms in the are of Portland Maine.
Our convention rooms are the biggest convention areas in the whole town of Portland Maine. Located in the Victorian seaport city of Portland, Sweeping views of Portland Harbor and the White Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for your next meeting.img_0027

Winner of many Awards, Holiday Inn by the bay ranks in the top 10% of Holiday Inns around the globe.
Holiday Inn By the Bay features the largest convention facility in Maine with 30,000 square feet of flexible meeting space including a 12,500 square foot exhibit hall with views of Casco Bay. The largest banquet room accommodates over 1,400 people. The 13 meeting rooms include the elegant State of Maine Grand Ballroom. We can host groups from 10 to 1,200 making us a perfect setting for meetings, banquets and exhibits. Complete with state-of the art audio and visual systems, we can accommodate any presentation requirements.

Christmas time at Holiday Inn brings joy to everyone that steps foot and people just walking past. It is just a few blocks from monument square where the annual tree lighting is held the day after thanksgiving. The next town over also hosts their annual holiday sparkle weekend in Freeport Maine, free horse-drawn wagon rides, a Parade of Lights, free hot cocoa, visits with Santa, a Talking Christmas Tree are just the beginning activities of the Freeport weekend. And just a short walk  you’ll see yourself at the Victorian Mansion that hosts their annual Currier and Ives Christmas’ holiday party. IMG_0078.JPG


A closer look at Holiday Inn by the Bay

People often wonder what a hotel looks like before they want to purchase a nights stay at it… So this is why I chose to record my way through the Holiday Inn by the Bay.

A closer look at Holiday Inn By the Bay

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Migis Lodge – Glamping

Migis Lodge – Glamping

I bet you are wondering, “what the heck is glamping”? Well, this weird word means glamorous camping. I have always enjoyed the outdoors, but not to the extent of sleeping in a tent in a sleeping bag on the ground in the woods. That is where Migis Lodge comes in. Set in the middle of the woods, you are surrounded by pine trees, mini sandy beaches, and the glistening, ever calming lake. But you know what makes it even better? The private cabins that are the lodgings.


Just a 45 minute drive from bustling Portland, Migis Lodge is located on Sebago Lake in South Casco. When you first arrive, you travel down a tree covered, dusty path, all the while wondering if you took a wrong turn because of how obscure the surroundings look. Then, as if by magic, you come across the main cabin that looks like it was built to house royalty who wanted to take a turn at “glamping”. Upon entering the cabin, even in the middle of July, I immediately could smell the addicting aroma of a camp fire.


Now back to the private cabins. Each cabin is equipped with a giant stone fireplace, with the firewood already placed conveniently so all you need do is light the match. In front of the fireplace are two welcoming leather sofas that make you hope for a rainy day to be able to lounge on them. In the bedroom, a king size bed with handmade quilts a top them. Once we settled into the cabin, my friend and I jumped into one of the canoes that are available for the guests to use


After spending the day swimming and canoeing on the lake, it was time for dinner. The restaurant at Migis only offers breakfast and dinner. For dinner, the dress code requires business formal. I had high expectations for our meals, but while they were good, they were not great. First course was an average shrimp cocktail, followed by a tiny house green salad, and finished with a soggy cod with feta cheese and vegetables. Not a feta fan to begin with, I could not have imagined a worse combination with a slightly undercooked fish.


Leaving dinner, I was taken aback by the beautiful sunset. It was as if the sky was painted with pale blues and pinks by an oil painter. I could have sat at the edge of the lake and looked at that sunset for hours. From the main cabin to my cabin, it was only about a 3 minute walk. Needless to say, however, I made that walk last a little longer.


When I woke up the next morning (in one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in), I was sad I could only spend one night. If I have the opportunity to go back, I will most definitely take it. The only suggestion I will make to anyone staying at Migis is to find somewhere else to go for dinner. In my opinion, it is not worth the money or the possibility of tainting your opinion on this beautiful property.


What a great location for a hotel!

Holiday Inn is a first choice!

With many choices to choose from Holiday Inn is in a great location compared to the Hilton because of the more traffic the Hilton gets.

Yes the Hilton is more high-end but that also means that it is more busy, the amount of traffic would make it difficult to get a fast and easy nights stay.

The Holiday Inn has 11 floors compared to 7 that the Hilton has which makes it easier to get a room for fast and cheap.img_0028

Holiday Inn is in a great location which is right next to the cross insurance arena that hosts concerts, games and graduations.

A short walk to all the great restaurants is all it takes from Holiday Inn as well as a short drive.

With me living an hour away and working at Holiday Inn makes it an easy decision for me to pick which hotel I want to stay at. With me working at the Holiday Inn I get an inside scoop of the rooms which consist of regular size beds, queen size and king size beds/rooms, the rooms on the end are most likely the king size rooms which have extra room for the traveler.

Room service breakfast makes for a beautiful morning with a great view of the bay, which has the best view of the bay compared to any other hotel in the old port.

The view of the bay is what sells people towards the Holiday Inn more, most of the floors from 6 and up have the great view of the bay and on the other side is a view of the hundreds of buildings that make the Old Port what it is today.img_0030

What are the accommodations you insist as a traveler?
I require a cheap and priceless experience, unlike that I have ever stayed. Holiday Inns are all around the united states, I traveled to Utah last summer and stayed at a holiday inn that had great views of the mountains and was also pet friendly for my dog.

These different Holiday inns have many amenities that other have wouldn’t have but that makes it so there is something for everyone anywhere.

The location is key👍🏻

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Don’t know which hotel to stay at in Portland ME?

Which one is best Bed and Breakfast or Hotels?

Traveling to Portland and don’t know where to stay?
Is there too many choices to choose from?
When I think of Hotels I think of a bigger franchise than a bed breakfast which is most likely locally own and ran.
Bed and breakfasts can offer different amenities according to your preferences.
They offer free homemade breakfast, where at a Hotel it would be added to your bill and definitely not homemade

  • Check ins are usually flexible where at a hotel they have a set check in and check out time
  • Free wifi where it would be added to your ending bill at a hotel
  • Free parking instead of valet at a hotel
  • Friendlier staff/owners because they are locals and understand personably

Now there are plenty of places to stay in Portland ME, but the places I have stayed at are the Holiday Inn and the Hilton, they both had great staff and cozy rooms.

Holiday Inn was cheaper verses The Hilton because of the location. The Hilton gets a lot of traffic because it is right on commercial street but the Holiday Inn is across from the cross insurance arena, making it an easy out after a concert, game or event there.img_0040

Holiday Inn would be great for the person coming just in for en event since it is right across the street and have many different floors/rooms to choose from. Their rooms different from two regular beds which are usually in between the bigger rooms.

They also have king size rooms that have one king size bed with another full dining area along with the other amenities as well. They also have the presidential suite on the 11th floor, which is bigger then the king size room making it the top rated room in the building.
I haven’t stayed at any bed and breakfasts but they are well known as a cheap/efficient way to have a fun night out in Portland

Black Point Inn – A Home Away From Home

Black Point Inn – A Home Away From Home
Back in July, one of the best months of the year in Maine, I stayed at the historic Black Point Inn for my mom’s 50th birthday. This is no new place for me, I have worked at Black Point Inn for 5 years. Yet, even after all this time, the beautiful scene that the inn sits on never ceases to blow me away.


When we first checked in, we went to our room and immediately felt the homey feel of it. Many hotels that I have been to it’s always the same; clean and crisp, but not comfortable. The opposite can be said for our room. Both the bed and pillows felt like laying on a cloud, one that you sink right into. After admiring the room, we went down to the pool. That day was especially hot so the pool was more than refreshing.


For those not familiar with where Black Point Inn is, it is located at the tip of picturesque Prouts Neck in Scarborough. Within walking distance of the inn is Scarborough Beach and Ferry Beach. Prior to checking in, we spent the whole day lounging on Ferry Beach.


When we came back in from the pool, our intention was to get ready for dinner. However, we kept getting distracted by just sitting out on our balcony and looking out at the water. We may or may not have been a little late to dinner.


Once we were seated for dinner, the feeling of complete relaxation didn’t stop. Thanks to my lovely 50% discount on food, we had no problem ordering ourselves a five course meal.


A dozen Damariscrotta Oysters

Cheese Plate


Cup of Clam Chowder

French Onion Soup


Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

Iceberg and Blue Salad


Scallops with Sautéed Lobster and Spinach

Petit Filet with Asparagus and Fingerling Potatoes


Blueberry Pie

Lemon Pistachio Cake


Full and happy we made our way back up to our room. With the sun beginning to set, we grabbed a couple glasses of wine and decided to go look out of the widows walk.


After a long day relaxing in the sun, we were beat. It may have only been 8:30pm, but it felt like it could have been 2:30am. I could not think of a more relaxing day. The second our heads hit the pillows, we were out like a light.


The next morning, we woke up at 7am to the smell of bacon. This was due to fact we were right above kitchen. That’s when I knew it was going to be a good day. We walked down to the lobby and grabbed a mug of coffee and went back to sit on our balcony.

Once 8am rolled around, we were ready for our next delicious meal. Starting off with a cup of Carrabassett Coffee Company’s signature 50/50 blend, we were sitting out in the perfect 70 degree weather. My mom ordered the crab benedict, while I got the Belgian waffle with a side of bacon. To top off the perfect morning, we finished with a couple of mimosas.

If you are looking for a home away from home, but without the responsibilities and the rushing around, check out Black Point Inn. There will be nothing else like it.